Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender on "Big Green Lies" and Earth Day

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Seventh Generation's President Jeffrey Hollender. Photo courtesy of Andrew Walker/Getty Images.

This past Tuesday, I had the fortune of attending a premiere party hosted by my favorite green cleaning brand, Seventh Generation. Partying in the penthouse suite of Tribeca's newly famed Riverhouse luxury eco-condominium; we mingled sipping on organic, biodynamic wines from Lapostolle.

But the penthouse views weren't the only things worth celebrating; we were there to preview and applaud the next big thing from the squeaky clean and green company—a pilot television show called Big Green Lies airing this Earth Day. I had the chance to get the dirt directly from the head honcho himself, Seventh Generation's President, Jeffrey Hollender. TreeHugger: What is the show Big Green Lies all about?

Jeffrey Hollender: We all know there are a lot of green myths out there and that many people fall victim to them. For example, some people still think bottled water is safer than tap or that regular beef is better than grass-fed. Not all of the answers are clear. And that's what our show attempts to unveil—the green facts.

TH: How did the idea for this show manifest?

JH: It started as a book idea and then it turned into a book and TV show developing in tandem. The book devotes about two pages per myth and the pilot episode deals with seven myths. The book will come after the series.

TH: What myths do you tackle that might get less talked about?

JH: For example, cloth versus disposable diapers and fuel-efficiency in cars. Like, is it more fuel-efficient to drive with the windows up and the air conditioner turned on, or with the windows down and the A/C turned off?

TH: Are you the host?

JH: No, I have a tiny role within the show. The main hosts are Sarah Snow, who of course you might know, and Dave Holmes. We also bring in experts to tackle specific issues for each episode, like Dr. Alan Greene for example.

TH: Where and when can we find Big Green Lies?

JH: It's only in its pilot stage but we'll be premiering it on Earth Day of course, April 22, at 9 pm EST. It's on the Fine Living Channel.

TH: Where might we see the show living in the future? Planet Green, perhaps?

JH: [He laughs.] I'm not sure. Right now, Fine Living has the "sell to series" rights but we're shopping it around.

TH: Many environmentalists like to mock Earth Day for its capacity to minimize the importance of every day being earth day. How do you respond to that?

JH: Earth Day isn't a bad thing. In my opinion, we need all the help we can and if it's going to motivate and inspire, why not? My favorite holiday, however, happens to be Thanksgiving. No material is needed. There's no exchange of stuff other than heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

TH: What would you suggest to someone wanting to take green action this Earth Day but doesn't know where to start?

JH: Figure out what lifestyle change would make the most difference. Like, changing your diet or mode of transportation. Maybe even more important than that though is finding something that your passionate about.

Hear, hear to that!

If you need a little Earth Day inspiration or passion, head over to Planet Green's juicy round-up of Earth Day events, activities and volunteer opportunities. And of course, check out Big Green Lies airing April 22 at 9 pm EST on the Fine Living Channel.

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