Roundup of the 2010 Roundups Round the Green Blogosphere


One thing that I love at the end of each year is the roundup- the collections of best, worst, most popular and silliest stories from the sites that I follow. Inhabitat does a lovely one and even lets you vote on your favourite, a good idea. Here's their best of green architecture and best green products.


Preston at Jetson Green gives us 20 Fabulous Green Prefabs of 2010 and 16 Green Building Innovations of 2010, in a shiny new package. I really have been asleep at the modern prefab switch, I missed most of these.


Wired shows us 10 Epic gadget fails, including this JAKPAK raincoat that turns into a tent. I like it.


Brian Arnold

Kaid Benfield of NRDC switchboard is my favourite blogger of the year, and lists his favourite posts. It includes What does 'net zero' mean? Sprawl by another name? which I think is the best post I read all year, and his very popular street sign from Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Desmogblog presents its 2010 Climate B.S. of the Year Award; First prize:

First Place goes to the following set of B.S.: "There has been no warming since 1998" [or 2000, or...], "the earth is cooling," "global warming is natural," and "humans are too insignificant to affect the climate." Such statements are all nonsense and important for the general public to understand properly.


Paul Kedrosky points us to the Economist's most popular charts of the year. Amazing data.


Richard Masoner of Cyclicious picks his 10 bike stories of the year, which include a post about Mormons on fixies.


I adore Fast Company, but found their roundups a bit obscure.


The Apartment Therapy team has so many roundups one doesnt know where to start, you might as well go here and poke around.


WHOOOA S**T. This is the best acid trip ever!

And finally, it isn't an annual roundup, but the best roundupper in the web has to be Sally Kuchar at Mocoloco, who does it weekly with humour and a great eye. I just love it.

Crazy about lists? Jason Kottke points us to The mega list of best of 2010 lists at Fimoculous