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You may have seen 75 Stories You Dugg: A Year of TreeHugger on and Thumbs Up! The Top 20 TreeHugger Stories You Stumbled Upon in 2008 as well as our Most Discussed Stories of 2008 and Top 10 Stories of 2008 overall. Now it's turn for a look at what TreeHugger blog posts were most-popular on Reddit.

Click through for the Top 25 Most-Popular Posts...Reddit, like other social media sites, allows users to write their own headlines and descriptions for articles. Not everyone writes their own, but many do. I've used the user-generated headline for all the items below. You can click on the title to see the original TreeHugger headline for each piece.

1. Bush gives away Alaska forest
Our most-popular post on Reddit so far this year is this news from last January, as reported in The Guardian, that Bush was opening up 3 million acres of Alaskan forest to logging, mining and road building, acts that were previously banned under protections Clinton had implemented. This story also appears on our list of 75 Stories You Dugg.

lolcat obama and carter solar panels photo

Barack Obama photo: David Katz/Obama for America.

2. Be the Change... Obama Should Reinstall White House Solar Panels
This picture never made it to Digg, but was a hit with Reddit. It's a silly take on a serious idea, that Obama should reinstall solar panels on the White House, like Jimmy Carter had originally done. While throwing this idea out for discussion, we threw in a LOL cat image and quickly realized some of our readers were unaware of this internet phenomenon. An interesting dialogue was launched in the comments, as a result. On a serious note, however, no cats (LOL-style or otherwise) were injured in this process. srsly.

3. Tyson Injects Unborn Chickens with Antibiotics, Sues USDA to Keep Antibiotic-Free Label
TreeHugger Brian's original intro to this summarizes this insanity well.

In a baffling case of doublespeak, the world’s largest meat processing company Tyson Foods has publicly admitted to injecting chickens with antibiotics—but it’s suing the US Department of Agriculture in order to keep the Antibiotic-Free label anyway. And how does Tyson plan on getting around the fact that the label is a bold-faced lie? By manipulating legal jargon of course! Tyson is claiming that since its chickens are merely injected with antibiotics before they hatch, they’re not really ‘raised’ with antibiotics.

4. 98% of Independents, 97% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans think that developing solar power is in the vital interests of the United States.
This fact-filled headline demonstrates one of the benefits of social media sites, like Reddit. Note the detailed information in this user-rewritten headline, which gives the Reddit user a quicker look at the key data point from the article and I would say that likely had a positive impact on it being so well-read by the Reddit community. It's an example of our readers sharing an important story with others and at times even making it better in the process.

bill nye stuff happens planet green photo

Image: Planet Green

5. Bill Nye the Science Guy is BACK! He's got a new show on Planet Green called "Stuff Happens"
Social media users must love their Bill Nye stories. This story was #14 on our list of most Stumbled Upon posts.

6. Bush Administration Seeks to Approve 700% Logging Increase in Oregon's Old-Growth Forests
With multiple logging and deforestation acts being permitted by the Bush administration sometimes it can be hard to keep track of the amount of damage to our forests Bush has allowed. Here's hoping Obama takes a different approach, but in the meantime, try to find new ways to cut your own paper use and waste.

7. "If we had high speed rail service in the United States, we'd never get on another airplane" Thanks go to 60 Minutes for this interesting piece on high-speed rail in the United States (or the lack of it, I suppose). Some good news, however, US ridership has been at all time highs and we know incoming Vice-President Biden loves to ride the rails. Hopefully we'll see some improvement on this front.

amazon deforestation photo

photo: Leo Freitas

8. Brazil Announces Plan to Slow Amazon Deforestation by 70%
Finally some good news regarding forests, well pretty great/less-bad news is probably more accurate. Brazil's proposed plan to slow deforestation is a great improvement, but means there will still be a lot of deforestation taking place. Ideally that number will get down to zero soon.

9. 3D printers Now as Cheap As Laser Printers Were
I could be wrong, but I think 3D Printers are still relatively unknown to most people, however enough Reddit users apparently are aware of and love this new technology to get this post into our top 10.

10. Dell now 100% Carbon Neutral, 5 months ahead of schedule. also protecting habitats in Madagascar
Add publicly sparring with Apple online over which company is doing more to help the environment, and Dell comes away looking like a strong fighter in the race to become the world's greenest computer company. By the way, how great is it that we've reached a point where CEOs and VPs are jumping on blogs to play "who is greener?" with their competitors? Looking forward to more of this in '09.

And now the rest of the top 25, sans annoying blogger chatter:
11. The Canadian government decided it would rather allow 500 narwhals to be shot one by one at an air hole in the ice, rather than bring in icebreakers to help free the whales
12. Admit it: Jimmy Carter Was Right
13. Here's what happens to a Tesla Electric Car battery at the end of its life
14. Unbelievably, according to the LA Times, the oil shale extraction industry was included in the Federal $700-billion bailout package.
15. Norway gives electric cars free charging and parking
16. Government Does it Again:: New Solar Power Projects on U.S. Public Lands Placed on Hold for 2 Years!
17. Teen Finds Way to Decompose Plastic Bags in Just 3 Months!
18. GM Puts the Brakes on $370 Million Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid Engine Factory
19. Poultry farm ammonia emissions 8 times worse than steel mills and oil refineries, but EPA wants exemption for the poultry industry
20. 13W LED Bulb Replaces 100W Incandescent
21. While your average gallon-sized milk jug hasn’t changed much in decades, it’s about to undergo a significant change destined to cut fuel, labor, and carbon costs all at the same time.
22. Offshore Drilling Graph Speaks for Itself (pic)
23. Nanocrystal Coating = White LED Big Breakthrough? More efficient than CFLs, than other LEDs, than ANYTHING
24. Current regulations allow cattle to be transported for up to 52 hours without water, food or rest.
25. Ubercool "Mexican walking fish" Nearing Extinction

That wraps up the list! What did you think?

If you'd didn't like the choices here and would like to see the stories you find most-important or interesting on our year-end recap next year, consider signing-up for Digg, StumbleUpon and/or Reddit and start participating by sharing stories from all your favorite sites. Add any questions you have about how best to do this in the comments, if you'd like.

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Reddit Yet? TreeHugger's Top 25 Posts from 2008 on
You may have seen 75 Stories You Dugg: A Year of TreeHugger on and Thumbs Up! The Top 20 TreeHugger Stories You Stumbled Upon in 2008 as well as our Most Discussed Stories of 2008 and Top 10 Stories of 2008 overall. Now it's turn for a look