Please Nominate TreeHugger for the 2007 Bloggies!


Update: Today is the last day. Please vote if you haven't!

The 2007 Bloggie Awards are here, and TreeHugger needs your help! If you like the site, and enjoy reading what we have to say each day, please nominate us for a 2007 Bloggie Award. We'd be flattered to be nominated in the Best Group Weblog, along with Best Topical Weblog, Weblog of the Year, and, with the our sexy new design, Best Designed Weblog. Like last year, there are some specific rules to follow in order to submit a valid entry. Only one nomination form and one finalist voting form may be submitted per person.E-mail addresses are required to vote, and you must use your own address and confirm the validation e-mail. If you attempt to submit a second ballot, your first one will be replaced. Also, please be sure to nominate at least two other blogs in other categories -- otherwise, the entry won't count. The deadline for nominations is next Wednesday, January 10, so hop to it! Thanks very much for your support! ::2007 Bloggies Awards