Please Nominate Treehugger for 2006 Bloggies!

The nominations for the Bloggies are winding down, and we would like to ask again that you keep Treehugger in mind for nomination. If you haven't already posted your nominations please do so now; and if you like us, please nominate Treehugger for Best Topical Blog!

Last year we were finalists for Best Topical Blog! And, like my dad always said "Second place is for LOSERS!" So . . . give us a hand, show your support and take a minute to nominate us for Best Topical Blog.


1 Nominate TreeHugger only under "Best Topical Blog":
While we may fit into several other categories we don't want to dilute the nominations.
How about for "Best New Blog"? and for "Best Group Blog"?

2 Nominate at least 2 other blogs in other categories.
This is necessary for your nomination(s) to count.

3 Nominate Now!
The nominations have a very small window - the deadline is 10 pm EST Jan 10th!

Many thanks for your support!
Team TreeHugger