Planet Green's Ultimate Green Wedding Guide

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Whether you're the romantic, three-tiered cake type—or the "let's hitched at a civil court and call it a day" sort of guy or gal there's something for everyone in Planet Green's fresh off-the-blog Ultimate Green Wedding Guide. (Plus, 'tis the season of non-stop wedding invites, and if you won't be getting married anytime soon, you'll likely be obliged to attend one.)

The feature offers tips on choosing the perfect eco-friendly wedding dress, low-impact gift ideas, DIY wedding favors, green honeymoon escapes and tons more. More than that, it offers a nice dose of humor. Planet Green blogger Josh writes in the How to Be a Green Groom portion, "Having been married once, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I like. However, love is blind and you'll not heed my warning So let's just focus on greening your groom experience." And Jasmin drawing from personal experience, reasons that being a cheapskate on your big day is actually the best way to get green without really trying--and save some green in the process.

So all you aspiring green brides, grooms, wedding guests and those of us simply curious, do heed this advice: hop on over to our Ultimate Green Wedding Guide. You're bound to find something of benefit.

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