Picturing World Environment Day 2012 with Piictu

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World Environment Day is a time to come together as humans to appreciate our environment and consider how we can help protect it for the benefit of all humanity. Because of its international scope, World Environment Day makes for a good opportunity to find common cause with people in other parts of the world, which is why TreeHugger and the United Nations Environment Programme are excited to expand our partnership to include Piictu, a social network based on sharing photos with people around the world.

Our World Environment Day 2012 partnership already includes our third-annual blogging competition, which encourages people to use writing to share their thoughts on the WED2012 theme of the green economy. By partnering with Piictu, people can now use photography to demonstrate their ideas and feelings about the beauty of the environment.

Piictu is an app and web-based social network with an international user base. You can download it from the Apple App Store: Piictu.

In their announcement of the partnership, Piictu explained how people can participate, as well as why they should:

It is an exciting opportunity to connect our global network to environmental issues through photos. Because an image can speak across nations and language barriers, we know the Piictu community presents a great opportunity to honor nature and the budding green economy around the world.

To keep up on all the action, log in to Piictu and follow the @WorldEnvironmentDay account. It will be hosting streams and contests examining how we all interact with the natural world. Some will be funny - such as this stream imagining what the environment would tell us if it could speak. Other streams will ask how you save energy and resources, focusing on the impact human consumption plays on our environment.

There will also be some contests and prizes, so join Piictu and follow @WorldEnvironmentDay to find out when those happen.

Here's how they describe the app:

Piictu is a fun and simple way to talk and play with pictures from your mobile phone! Simply snap a piic, post it and watch it come to life with picture replies. On Piictu, photos are the site of interactions, and every exchange of an image continues a conversation or game.

Create photo contests, compete with friends and strangers, ask questions, or start a discussion through piics. The possibilities are endless!

We hope you'll join us on Piictu to share your own photos of the environment. We'll be asking people how they save energy, why they care about the environment and many more fun photo challenges. See which themes are live now and contribute a photo today!

Picturing World Environment Day 2012 with Piictu
Show the world your environment with a new TreeHugger and UNEP partnership with Piictu, a photo sharing social network.