Participate! Runner-Up: Hydrasol

Last week, we revealed the winner for our Participate! contest, Vinay Gupta's Hexayurt Project. This week, we are profiling two more great entries, the Participate! runners-up. Yesterday, we showed you easy to assemble, 100 percent recycled plastic Forever Furniture. Today, it's Mohammed Abubakr's open-source idea to bring water desalination to the third world through solar power, the Hydrasol.
The idea is for a water desalination unit for third world countries where water purity is a major concern. The unit will work by using a parabolic solar dish to heat a focal point containing salt or brackish water to above boiling point and for the steam to then be collected as clean water. The unit does not require any mechanical pieces and is produced from recycled materials.

Mohammed is looking for help with developing his idea. Can you help? Leave a comment to help push this open-source idea along.