Participate! Runner-Up: Forever Furniture


Last week, we revealed the winner for our Participate! contest, Vinay Gupta's Hexayurt Project. This week, we are profiling two more great entries, the Participate! runners-up. First up is Forever Furniture (working name) from Sunshine at Playatech. Forever Furniture is a plan to take Playatech's current open-source plywood furniture ideas and create easy-to-assemble (and disassemble) fastener-free furniture from 100% recycled plastic.
Users will save landfills and discarded water bottle moop when they buy it, and it will be very low cost plus ten times easier to assemble than that IKEA stuff. Perhaps more importantly, when it is "used up", the pieces can all be recycled again into more furniture - forever!

Unfortunately, a prototype for Forever Furniture will not be ready by this year's Burning Man, although you can still check out Playatech's current line of open-source furniture. However, IKEA should still watch their back - Forever Furniture's easily transportable, easy-to-assemble, open-source and eco-friendly indoor/outdoor furniture should not only appeal to those at Burning Man, but certainly college students everywhere.