Our Valentine to TreeHugger and TreeHuggers Part 2

kelly food

At TreeHugger, where we have almost 50 writers around the world, everyone has their own choices of people, themes, memes and ideas that they love; We asked around for everyone's favourites. Read Part 1 here. Kelly writes occasionally on TreeHugger and every day on Planet Green about food; She writes:

Other TreeHugger comments:


Christine in Berlin says

I LOVE finding interesting science news or topical cultural issues and emailing the links to my loved ones!


To impress my friends, I love to send cool internet- or green-meme links:
Bizarre Tongue-Eating Parasite Discovered Off the Jersey Coast
Emily Pilloton Discusses the Hippo Roller and other Designs for Humanity (Part One)

to send my love to my kids, I link the cute critters:
Where the Wild Things Are...in London and Barcelona

and for my husband, anything that stokes the dream:
Bike Trailer Homes for Sale, Only $1950 O.B.O
Tiny Transformer RV Camper Turns From Truck To Two Storey House

wyclef jean

Jeff, our master of music, loves he response from celebrities and the music community in particular to the Haiti earthquake. Examples:

A Roundup of Haiti Charity Music Singles and Good Vibes

A Bonus Roundup of Haiti Charity Music, and Some Scoop on the Remakes
USA For Haiti: 'We Are The World' Part Two Will Be Recorded After The Grammys
'Hope for Haiti' Breaking Records in Eyeballs and Donations


Chris writes:
I love the melding of high- and low-tech to produce clever DIY projects that utilize strength in numbers and a sense of community to achieve objectives. Examples include the bike chalk contrails, bike kitchens, bamboo bike building workshops and San Francisco's bike lane tracking iphone app.
Bike 'Contrails' to Create DIY Bike Routes
CycleTracks iPhone App Tells San Fancisco TA Where Bike Paths Should be Built
Bike Kitchen is DIY Central for Cyclists (Slideshow)
Be Happy, Be Authentic, Make a Bamboo Bike


Meaghan loves her farmer, Karla Simmons, and writes:

I love that the more you simplify, the easier it gets to break free from the pressures of materialism. Lloyd explains it nicely in his Frugal Green Living series.

Paula writes from Buenos Aires:

Kelly's recipes on Planet Green, one that I particularly remember and loved is this pasta with lemon, yum!

Jaymi's coverage of green tech, a recent gem being the ipad story: What Does Apple's iPad Tablet Really Mean for Our Society?

All the small spaces stories.

And I love that TreeHugger has Latin American stuff and stories in general.


And Cheers to all of our readers, we really do love you all.