Our Valentine to TreeHugger and TreeHuggers Part 1

Sami peeing in pail photo

Valentines' Day is coming up fast, a day where we think about the people we love. At TreeHugger, where we have almost 50 writers around the world, everyone has their own choices of people, themes, memes and ideas that they love; We asked around for everyone's favourites. Mine is always Sami Grover's ongoing series about a transplanted Brit trying to live the green life in North Carolina, in particular with his toilet obsessions, which include
The Shared Flush: A Conservation Compromise for the Squeamish
Is Peeing in Public Green?

We don't just learn about Sami's habits, his moral dilemmas, in posts like
A TreeHugger's Dilemma: Is 'Doing Something' Doing Enough?
and Nice Solar Panels. Now Where's the Clothes Line?; if anyone aired their own dirty linen (and just about everything else) in public, it's Sami. We even learn about his disgusting eating habits in Hog Butchery Workshop: Getting Personal with Meat

Other TreeHugger writer choices:

darrl hannah ecuador

Leonora in London
loves our interviews.

We're lucky enough to get to meet and speak to the great innovators of our time who are working to make life better for the rest of us. TreeHugger helps tell their inspiring stories to thousands of people around the world - how awesome is that!

Her faves:
The TH Interview: Daryl Hannah in Ecuador
The TH Interview: David de Rothschild - Part 1
The TH Interview: Van Jones - Founder of Green For All
The TH Interview: Ed Burtynsky and "Manufactured Landscapes"

Kara loves.....a stapler. From 2004.

okay, I have to admit, one of my fave posts on TH is Meg's Stapless Stapler post from years and years ago. i have looked all around for this and have yet to find it, but i always still look!

Right. Stapless Stapler

Warren bike image

Warren in Australia
loves everything to do with the outdoors:

Obviously I love the work of outdoor companies, like Patagonia, Nau, Klattermusen and Finisterre, and I love bicycles.

He gives us a short list of his favourites:

Bike Round Ups
Five Stylin' Ways to Haul Stuff on Your Bike Handlebars
5 Solutions For Carrying Nearly Anything on the Back of a Bike

Yvon Chouinard Wins Environmental Good Guy Award
Yvon Chouinard Gets Fortune Magazine Cover Story
The TH Interview: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (Part One)
The TH Interview: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (Part One)
The TH Interview: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (Part Two)

Want it Nau? Wear Test With Nau's Changing Room
Nau For Something Completely Different: Nau Bags it


Who would have thought that Mairi, who writes about design and lovely things, is so fond of ugly animals?

I love ugly creatures, particularly if they are endangered. There are all like kicked puppies, the world out to get them AND they are ugly. Very heart melting.

Her favourites:
7 Weird Endangered Species Only a Mother Could Love
Thought Jaws was Scary? 10 More Fish to Inspire Nightmares

She also loves finding the deeper (at times open to interpretation) eco
message in pop culture:

9 Best Eco Apocalyptic Science Fiction Films of All Time

solar panels

Brian says:

I love covering politicians who get it, and who keep working to push good ideas through a political system that rejects good ideas like the plague. Bernie Sanders' 10 Million Solar Roofs bill being a good example.

New Bill Would Create 10 Million Solar Roofs Across US
emily pillotonALT TAG

Jacob loves Emily Pilloton! (who doesn't?)

Pop!Tech Pop Quiz: Emily Pilloton of Project H Design (Video)
Emily Pilloton's Emotional Design
Emily Pilloton on When Sustainability Takes a Back Seat in Design (Video)
Humanitarian Designer Emily Pilloton on the Colbert Report (Video)
Emily Pilloton Discusses the Hippo Roller and other Designs for Humanity (Part One)

small apartments

Aw, shucks, both Ben and Trevor like my posts on small spaces. Trevor says (slightly edited) "really my favorite posts are your posts about tiny living, architecturally and otherwise." of course, he lives in a shed. Ben concurs, "I'll second Trevor, sans derriere caveat. Even before I started with TH in 2007, your posts on tiny houses, outdoor offices, container housing, prefab, etc., were by far my favorite.

Typical small space stories:
Living With Less: New York Couple Manages in 175 Square Feet
Living with Less: First, Hide the Bed
Living with Less- Extreme Edition

But people take the subject far too seriously:
Take Up Less Space With A Vertical Bed
Sleep Anywhere, Any Time, In the Hermit
Sleep Anywhere, Any Time, In The Sleepsuit

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