One Year Ago in TH: What We Read, Al Gore: MTV Superstar + More


Oh, the fun we were having one year ago at TreeHugger. We made a list of what we were reading to prove that we weren't super eco-nerds all of the time, covering topics from green to business and cops and criminals to permaculture. When we weren't reading, we passed along another great video from MIT about the science and technology for a clean energy future.

Speaking of clean energy, a certain company reported that solar costs would be cut in half by 2010, and, as more evidence that going green is awesome, found this electric Toyota RAV4 for sale on eBay. We also reported on Al Gore's newly minted status as bona fide eco-celeb, thanks to his slideshow performance at MTV's Video Music Awards, and wrapped our heads around the Smart Helmet, a slick device with a few tricks up its sleeve for helping you ride safe. After the jump: every post we published last September 1.MIT released another great video about the science and technology required for a green, clean energy future.

A list of books we were reading was a fund exercise and provided a quick look inside the life of a TreeHugger, and proved that we're not green nerds, all of the time.

We reminded readers in NYC about ECOFEST 2006, billed as NYC’s largest environmental event that featured eco-exhibits, alternative health seminars, solar cars, an eco-fashion show, and much more.

Behind the headlines of war, destruction and tragedy in the Middle East, there are always small pockets of dreamers conjuring up a better world. The latest project involved an environmentally friendly fish-pond harvesting system for the Palestinian Authority.

We got you primed to have a big eco-conversation with your boss about going green at work.

Instead of bi-partisanship and name-calling, we learned that there is virtue and common sense in green behaviors like using compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

If waiting for the new Tesla to come out was too long to wait, we found an alternative: an electric Toyota RAV4, for sale on eBay.

The guys at Mio were up to their old tricks, unveiling the Acoustic Weave 3-D wallpaper, made from recycled/recyclable paper.

Japan's Sharp Corp., the world's biggest maker of solar cells, announced that they expected the cost of generating solar power to halve by 2010.

The thought-provoking design of the container-ship power bar helped us ponder global commerce, shipping and infrastructure.

Al Gore splashed down at MTV's Video Music Awards, delivering a truncated version of his slideshow and minting a spot near the top of the eco-celeb list in the process.

It was finally proven: organic milk really is healthier. Researchers were able to show that organic milk has 68% more omega 3 fatty acids. These are the good ones that have been linked to reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

The Smart Helmet had a few tricks (and a PIC microprocessor) up it's sleeve, including GPS so that you can record potholes and problems for future warnings; turn signals that activate by tilting your head; hands-free cell phone and more.

We got taken to school by the Youth Conservation Corps, a program to provide training and work experience for young people in the ages 15 to 24 in the conservation realm.

Information Maps International Networks Archive was on our radar; the global alliance of scholars believe that geography is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and was hard at work developing a new way of mapping our world, based on global transactions instead of geography.

Lastly, check out the Green Design Education Initiative, a great resource for those chasing info on sustainable design.

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