One Year Ago in TH: Water on the Brain


One year ago in TreeHugger, we had water on the brain. New York had some plans to go from renewable energy to renewable-er energy, with hydropower to hydrogen in a $21 project near Niagara Falls. Check out what San Francisco would look like underwater, should global warming melt ice caps as many climate models have suggested (hint: it's not pretty). A bit of good news in the world of water: a new (at the time) commercial project, called Advanced Coral Propagating Technology, that has successfully cultivated coral reefs in artificial pools.

We also took a look at some ways a TreeHugger can get a drink (but not water), pondered increased tax breaks for hybrid owners, did a little shopping for work at The Green Office and reviewed Swap-o-Rama-Rama in NYC.

Check out the rest of TreeHugger on October 6, 2006 here.

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