One Year Ago in TH: The Bane of Coal, the Bounty of Biofuels + More


Peeking at the archives from one year ago offers an interesting study in how the green world has changed over 365 days. Last year, we bemoaned the plans to build coal-fired power plants in Kansas; earlier this week we saw Australia step back from the coal-fired edge, though we still aren't out of the coal-powered fire just yet. Last year, we were hyping Jay Leno's biodiesel rocket-car; this year, biofuels have lost some of their sheen and they might be a "crime against humanity." Last year, we pulled the wraps off Whole Foods' wind power credits (even if Boing Boing didn't get them, we still liked 'em).

Still, the more things changes, the more they stay the same. We liked modern prefab then, and we've still got an eye for it; we reported on CNN's "Buying Green" report and now we've got our own guides for buying green. Climate change was big news, and it still is. How else does last year compare to this? Read last year here and this year here to compare for yourself.

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