One Year Ago in TH: Sexy Sustainability, Green Cars, Wind Turbines at Home and More


One year ago today at TreeHugger, we had our fingers in all sorts of pies. We were trying to keep up with Summer Rayne Oakes' pursuit of all things sexy, sustainable and stylish, which is no easy task. Equally difficult is coming up with a way to build a car-free infrastructure in a car-crazy world; until we can get there, why not develop a solar-powered plug-in biodiesel hybrid? Aerovironment, the company behind the sadly deceased EV1, has developed a small turbine that capitalizes on the way air tends to move in urban areas, and we thought it might be moving to a town near you (and might be handy for helping charge that car we described above).

Yao Ming, Michael Pollan, and 50 ways to save your water were all also on our radar a year ago; every story from August 11, 2006 is below the fold.

Wind energy was becoming more relevant, and not just as huge turbines out to sea or perched on a big hill; this development meant they were coming to the roofs of urban buildings.

Summer Rayne Oakes was tirelessly promoting the intersection of sustainability and style, and it was all we could do to keep up with her.

Make a new plan, Stan; you don't need to be coy, Roy; hop on the bus, Gus. There must be 50 ways to save your water.

We were excited to welcome Lester Brown, founder and President of Earth Policy Institute and "one of the world's most influential thinkers" to the stable of TreeHugger contributors.

TreeHuggerTV was unveiled in DIVX, causing us to wonder if broadcasting to the toaster oven was next. It wasn't.

A plan for the ultimate green car was unveiled; we just needed somebody to research, develop, build and market a solar-powered plug-in electric biodiesel hybrid.

Yao Ming used all 7 feet 6 inches of his frame to shun shark fin soup.

We found a way to save your iPod from the landfill, in Toronto at least, with a store dedicated to fixing the ubiquitous electronics.

The post-Omnivore's Dilemma media blitz was on, and Michael Pollan was planning to present the book live and in person in Cornwall, CT and Pocantico Hills, NY.

Another compostable paper cup popped up, eschewing the usual paper cup coating of petroleum-based resins that will gunk up the works in favor of something that will behave better in your compost heap.

Lastly, one Israeli company called Engineuity claimed it had proof-of-concept for a new fuel-cell using hydrogen, aluminum and water. What’s left to do is test that the engine works. Our engines were roaring.

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