One Year Ago in TH: Prius Fever, eGo Cycle Reviewed, Naked Energy + More


One year ago at TreeHugger, we had a touch of Prius fever, as the 2007 Touring Edition was on its way and we learned about a way to get a free Prius (but be sure to read the fine print). We also had the chance to hop aboard the electric eGo Cycle 2 and put it through its paces for a review, marked our calendars for An Inconvenient Truth on DVD, peeked in on The Naked Chef's naked energy and took a note of paper made from sheep poo.

We also had fashion and design on our minds, with our Umbrella Inside Out competition and London Design Week just over the horizon, and more stylish recycled designs to make your house a TreeHugging home. Every post we published the last time the calendar said September 8, below the fold.The 2007 Toyota Prius Touring Edition was getting ready to roll into showrooms.

Amory Lovins was schooling us on how to win the oil endgame in an excellent video presentation.

We found Treemo, an online and mobile community dedicated to sharing digital media, empowering self-expression and releasing your inner Edward Burtynsky, Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams.

There was some serious flower power in Israel, as the Gilboa Iris was busily blocking construction plans.

We found Fiberstars, a fiber-optics company that came up with a way to combine lamps with fiber-optics to create lighting systems that consume far less energy than traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef, was chasing wind power (we like to call that "naked energy") for his new restaurant.

It was your turn to vote in the Umbrella Inside Out design competitions.

With the big event right around the corner, we wondered: How green will London Design Week be?

TreeHuggers everywhere were marking their calendars for the release of An Inconvenient Truth on DVD.

Whaddaya know? Old propane tanks can make new art.

Real estate developers in California were offering a free Toyota Prius with the purchase of a new home.

The New York Jets were going green off the field, too, announcing their plans to build a new "green" facility.

Paper made from sheep poo won an award from a British non-profit, finally answering the question: "Is their anything we can't use poo for?" (The answer is "no", apparently).

We hopped on for a ride and review of the eGo Cycle 2, a slick, electric scooter. The verdict: thumbs up!

Lastly, we enjoyed these recycled homewares from Roost, a California design collective working with artisans and craftspeople in Vietnam.

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