One Year Ago in TH: Open Houses, Friday the 13th and More


One year ago at TreeHugger, it was time for an open house: we had a sneak peek at TreeHugger 2.0; took a closer look at Marmol Radziner's Desert House; opened up the term "green" for some discussion and opened up Sony's Reader, causing us to wonder, "Is the dead tree edition dead?"

We had music on our radar, too; Bono and Oprah launched the Product (RED) iPod nano, we checked out a classic Cuban/British pop mashup to fight climate change, and we had our Ear to the Earth, a festival of sound, music and ecology.

One year ago was also Friday the 13th; we aren't usually a doomsday-predicting, naysaying crowd, but we've been frightened into posting about the end of the world (maybe) more than once; we also found this quasi-morbid, kinda funky, kinda cool chart that predicted the end of human civilization. Thankfully, we made it through the year, to see another Nobel Prize winner. Check out the rest of October 13, 2006 here.

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