One Year Ago in TH: No Energy Ice Cream, 100 Mile Diet, Straight Veggie Oil and More


The weather wasn't the only thing that was hot this time last year, though we were happy to learn how to make no energy ice cream to mitigate the heat. Fuel was a hot topic, too: we debated whether or not ethanol was a viable alternative fuel, reported on Sir Richard Branson's newest venture, Virgin Fuel, and chatted with Robin Charron, who converts diesel-engined cars to run on straight vegetable oil. Energy, and how to save more of it, received dual coverage when we helped a reader find green kitchen appliances, took note of the EU's "Smart Meter" home energy rating system and pulled the cover off of Sharp's new solar energy system.

TreeHugger also pondered fashion, bamboo, electric cars and sharks on this date last year; check out a full list of stories, below the fold.Discovery Channel's Shark Week was right around the corner, so we took the opportunity to pause and note that they aren't all like Jaws and we should be nice to them.

Reader Wendy Cooper had a dilemma: "We'll soon be renovating the kitchen of a basement apartment in Scotland. The existing appliances are aging and inefficient and we'd like to acquire a new fridge/freezer and all-electric cooker/range (to run on green electricity).... but I'm not clear on the most energy-efficient solutions." Never fear, Wendy, we've got your back.

We interviewed Robin Charron about his experience converting his diesel truck to straight vegetable oil.

TreeHugger sure loves the bamboo, but eventually, even the durable, harder-than-wood surfaces (like floors and cutting boards) can start to tarnish and show some wear and tear. Thankfully, we spied Bambu's Bamboo Goo to help save the day.

Sir Richard Branson has his fingers in all sorts of interesting pies; one that launched one year ago was his plan for Virgin Fuel.

Ethanol, at least the corn-derived kind, has been a contentious subject for a long time. We took note of an article claiming that ethanol (or, more accurately, E85) is actually a distraction from important technologies like plug-in hybrids and EVs.

Earthtalk took a stab at a query about "what ever happened to the purely electric cars that were around 10 years ago?"

Sharp announced the release of its upgraded residential solar energy system. The system has been modified to allow for integration into all rooftop types.

Paul Kedrosky, a venture capitalist with a sense of humour and a blog, saw a bright future for LEDs and writes about them in Business 2.0.

Renowned chef Michael Potters took the idea of the 100 Mile Diet and ran with it, all the way to his restaurant in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

The European Union mandated that "smart meters" be used as replacements when existing home energy meters have served out their useful life.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for "No Energy Ice Cream."

We took a closer look at Organic Leather who use hides which are predominately from ÔÇťanimals that are organically fed and humanely raised," and use a vegetable-based tanning process to finish their leathers.

French mountaineering company Millet was encouraging climbers to recycle their old ropes by offering a per-foot discount on some of their new rope.

Lastly, Zerofootprint was wondering: "To offset or not to offset, that is the question; we think we'll be debating that one for awhile longer.

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