One Year Ago in TH: Looking Back at the Year That Was 2006


One year ago in TreeHugger: We were busily preparing for a green New Year's Eve, including sourcing some organic bubbly and mixing up some "Hangover Helper" in preparation for the big night's festivities. As the end of the year drew near, we got to thinking about some resolutions for better, cleaner energy, including some that we heard a lot about in 2007 (like wind power) and some that dropped off the radar a bit (like Jatropha-based biodiesel).

For further trendwatching, we found some top green trends for 2007 that included some spot-on predictions (like green building) and some that still quite haven't panned out (like hydrogen fuel cells). The list of green resolutions from Cool Hunting proved that 2007 was to be the year that it finally became cool to be green.

Closer to home, we were rounding up 2006 with lists of oddball and eccentric posts, the best of the many car posts and the really hot stuff from the year; since Christmas had passed, we were also celebrating a new holiday, called Discardia in an effort to make 2007 a little more junk-free.

See everything we were thinking about this time last year in ::The Archives.

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