One Year Ago in TH: LEDs on the Go, Camouflage is the New Green + More


Because we don't know where we're going until we realize where we've been: one year ago in TreeHugger, we spied some LEDs on the go (above left), pondered whether or not camouflage was the new green with Britain's Department of Defence going green beyond just the color of their tanks, and eyed Recy, the Recyclable Roadster.

We also took note of KiteShip, which employs Very Large Free Flying Sails to help pull ships along, found some new sustainable goodies at 2KH and felt George Monbiot turn up the heat, took note of Safeway's efforts to reduce emissions with wind power and peeked inside North Carolina's first zero energy home. This date last year also marked the first time we saw Suissa Computers, who've been on our radar this year as well. Some things do come full circle; check out everything we were thinking about here.

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