One Year Ago in TH: Get On Your Bikes & Ride


One year ago in TreeHugger, our passionate love affair with the bicycle extended into the winter season, with Lloyd's tips for winter biking. Not only can you bike in winter, but you can go human-powered all year 'round, anywhere you go with the Bicycle Winnebago (there's even one built for two). Human-powered motorhome not for you? Then check out the Mobiky Genius, a slick folder that goes from bike to baggage in 30 seconds. Automobile's spewing air pollution might make it harder to breathe, but at least you could reinforce how absolutely necessary your car is with a bumper sticker.

Fast-forward to now; we're happy that, in some way, at least, little has changed: bikes are still at the top of our list when it comes to personal transportation. As a more subversive counterpoint to the bumper sticker, there's this little guy that cyclists can apply to those who park in bike lanes. We're happy to report that UK employees can get tax-free bikes to commute to work. And who needs modern, cutting edge technology? The Aerothrust propeller-driven bike was doing it way back in 1914. Looks like there is something to this bicycling thing after more about what was happening ::One Year Ago in TH

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