One Year Ago in TH: Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy, Green Living + More


One year ago in TreeHugger: we had our eyes on solar energy and energy efficiency, as Wal-Mart announced they were going to sell an energy-efficient notebook for less than $500, we peeked in on the booming California solar market, took note that EPA was tightening up the power specs for Energy Star-qualified PCs and scooped up the story about Izzy's Ice Cream, which is partially powered by 200 solar panels. Solar-powered ice cream...mmm.

When it came to the green lifestyle, we were working on improving it with the Slate Green Challenge and Lexus' Hybrid Living, which we described as "TreeHugger with a Platinum card," and we looked in onHome Depot's efforts to sell the green lifestyle. Plus, on weirder side of things, the walls were alive, we engaged in some poplar science to grow trees for fuel. Check out the rest of October 27, 2006 for more.

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