One Year Ago in TH: Dual Flushing, Cardboard Sitting, Biodiesel Brewing and More


One year ago today at TreeHugger, variety was the spice of life. We had our eyes on a bunch of different things, from a water-saving dual-flush retrofit system for your current bowl to Wildcard Creative's wildly creative cardboard bench; a 99% recycled, 100% recyclable place for you and up to 49 of your closest friends to park your keester; to an Israeli company and a Californian company planning to work together toward the common goal of developing cost effective, energy-efficient biofuel made from micro-algae feeding off of carbon dioxide emissions.

And that's not all; there was Ronald McHummer's Sign-O-Matic, a way to carve your own wooden kayak, a review of Seventh Generation's "Naturally Clean" book and some of the geo-politics wearing helmets when you bike...whew! It was a pretty interesting day, all in all; hit the jump for a full list of the posts that turn back the clock to one year ago.The TwoFlush is a clever dual-flush retrofit that can turn your current toilet into a water-saving, dual-flushing wonder.

Take a bite out of the helmets for cyclists vs. full body armor for car drivers debate; where does the "helmetization of the U.S." fit in with all of this?

Stewart + Brown's fall collection hit the shelves at Pangaya; organic cotton, hand-crafted cashmere and wool were abundant and beautiful.

We mixed it up a bit with the review of Seventh Generation's "Naturally Clean," giving some thoughts from two TreeHuggers this time around instead of just the usual one.

Israeli company Algatech and Californian company GreenFuel partnered up to develop cost-effective, energy-efficient biofuel made from micro-algae feeding on carbon dioxide.

We took a closer look at Wildcard Creative's wildly creative cardboard bench that's made from 99% recycled, 100% recyclable cardboard, and seats up to 50.

Some RISD design students took the fruits of their project, called Bridging Cultures Through Design, to the New York Gift Fair, and it was great to see that students have interpreted the artisans’ techniques in different ways, giving the products a contemporary twist without abandoning the traditional craft.

It's hard to follow up something called the Ronald McHummer Sign-o-Matic with a description that does it justice, but we'll try: users were encouraged to make their own McDonald's sign with an appropriate message, and to send a pre-written letter to the company noting the environmental and public health effects of gas guzzlers like the Hummer.

We got to wondering: are all second homes really sinful? Hint: we don't think so...

We got tangled up in Repreve by Unifi, a 100% recycled polyester yarn made from both post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Lastly, there was Guillemot Kayaks, a true work of art (there's on in the permanent collection of MoMA) that you can build for yourself.

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