One Year Ago in TH: Climate Skepticism, Kids Taking Action + More


It's always interesting to take a peek at the archives from last year; in some ways, it shows us how far the green world has come over the past 365, but in other ways, it highlights that the more things change, the more they stay the same. When it comes to the former, last year, a group of climate skeptics hit YouTube with a barrage of videos; this year, we were able to help debunk the top five climate red herrings. Last year, we noted that only four of the ten biggest businesses had targets for reducing carbon dioxide; this year, we learned that sustainability has made it all the way to a greener supply chain.

Still, there are a few constants, and that's a good thing. A year ago this week was Shout Out for the Climate Week for students who want to become active in the environmental world; this year, it was Powershift, the first national youth summit to help solve the climate crisis. Last year, the New York Times was high on bamboo, and we're glad to say that we still like the grass.

Check out everything on our radar one year ago here; what will we be talking about next year? Stay tuned...

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