One Year Ago in TH: 100-Mile Thanksgiving, Katrina Cottage + More


One year ago in TreeHugger, we were gearing up for Thanksgiving with a contest for the best 100-mile recipes for the big day, and people were giving thanks for the Katrina Cottage by awarding it Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Award.

Back on the home front, we looked at five of our favorites for going green at home and we wondered if clotheslines really lower property values. We also noted that there are two kinds of Wall Street Journal readers; those who don't give a damn about the cost of energy, and those who got rich by giving a damn about every single cent they ever spent; this piece is for them. Plus, what do green silk and the pink flamingo have in common? Check it out, along with the rest of October 20, 2006, when you click here.

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