New Green Marketing Newsletter: "Sustainable Brands Weekly"


Green marketing is tough; we've noted this a time or two. As green becomes more and more popular, more and more companies want a piece of the green pie, and consumers get more and more savvy about what's out there and what "green" really means. The combination can make it tricky for brands and companies who're trying to break in to the green market and earn a good green reputation: overdo it, and risk looking like you're just jumping on the bandwagon; underdo it, and risk getting washed out in a sea of green companies employing savvy marketing. There's a sweet spot somewhere in between, a concept noted by Jacquelyn Ottman in her new e-newsletter called "Sustainable Brands Weekly". "What was once a niche opportunity -- the purview of the fringe, is now squarely in the mainstream. Awareness of environmental issues like climate change has doubled from last year to this year," she says; want to know how to reach this growing crowd? She has answers for you, in addition to the week's top branding stories, which includes stories like how Phillips is joining up with Live Earth and Rainforest Alliance working to spread green coffee further around the globe. In addition to "Sustainable Brands Weekly", its publisher, Sustainable Life Media, produces a number of other free periodic newsletters on sustainable business topics. To take full advantage of this new business resource, including participating in online discussions with them on green branding, connecting with peers, and earning discounts on compelling sustainable business events, register here. Read the inaugural issue of the newsletter here and keep your eyes peeled for more sustainable business goodness from them soon. ::Sustainable Brands Weekly