Meet Others

"Sure, it´s fun surfing the net alone. But a little meatspace interaction goes a long way."

Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house and off the computer. Here´s how to connect with your fellow greenies out in the real world.

a) Hit a Greendrinks. They´re all over the world and are a great way to get linked into local green. Tell'em TreeHugger sent ya. And if you find out anything cool going on, let us know!

b) Find or start a local TreeHugger meetup. Meetup exists to use the internet to help people who share similar interests to get together locally. We´d love to see some TreeHugger meetups happening!

c) Join a local enviro organisation! Here are a few national ones that may have a local chapter

d) Get a green job! No better way to meet greenies than to work in the field. Hit TreeHugger´s job board here.

e) How about getting 4-12 people together once a week for a tasty green potluck dinner and focus a couple of hours on one or more of TreeHugger's guides for How to Go Green? Talk about how to go green locally, split up tasks and research and help spur each other to green their lives. Might be a good meet-up too...

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