Matteriashop: Good Design + Smart Materials — a New Online Shop


Here's a new shop paradigm for you: Shop according to the revealed ingredients of every object. Because those ingredients sure look yummy with a range of products made from sustainable wood, cork, bamboo, organic and recycled materials. Monica Potvin in Barcelona and Anu Suominen in Finland have joined forces and created 'a new version shop presenting a collection of objects for living made as sustainable as possible'. Matteriashop is finally a shop that guarantees eco-smartness as well as fabulous design.

Through close collaboration with designers all over the globe, the Matteriashop offers a unique transparency and behind-the-scene information on each carefully selected product, taking into account its entire lifecycle. Monica Potvin explains:

These days it can be challenging to determine what the objects surrounding us are made of; manufacturers are not required to use labeling describing contents of your lamp or chair. The idea behind Matteriashop is precisely the opposite because the materials utilized in making the objects are gentle on the environment, all kinds of details, such as "ingredients", source of material, designer info, manufacturing processes and disposal indications, are supplied as a way for customers to make informed choices.

Enter the refreshing web site and browse through a great collection of eco products sorted by material, category (textiles, kitchen, bath, lighting, home decor), taste (fresh, spicy or nutty) or designer. Products range from Andreas Linzner's Teddybears, to Fokus Fabrik's cushion cover collection, to Ekobo's bamboo kitchenware and Ting's recycled seatbelt bags.

While the web site is very nice to shop via, we are already excited about the first Matteriashop showroom, due to open in Barcelona this year. In the meantime, check out the adventure section (coming soon) on the web. ::Matteriashop

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