Make This Valentine's Day Sustainable, Not Scary

walmart photo
An image more frightening than the new blockbuster, My Bloody Valentine 3D. Photo courtesy of Clean Wal-Mart via Flickr.

If you love Valentine's Day, but not all of the plastic and paper junk that comes with it, you're in luck. TreeHugger's 2009 Valentine's Gift Guide is hot off the press, offering up eco-alternatives to standard swoon-inducing gifts like chocolate, greeting cards and flowers. Not only are the gifts green but refreshingly un-conventional. Snuggle up in front of a wildlife documentary after you've fed each other a romantic dish of Lemon Pepper Pasta. Or give your lover a rub down with a petroleum-free massage candle.

Want more? Indulge in TreeHugger's holiday page. We've rounded up some of our sexiest Valentine's Day ideas and tips from the archive.

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