Looking Nation-wide for Eco-Designer with Invention or Design in Process


A message from TreeHugger HQ: First we were looking for an eco-inventor/designer near NYC, but now TreeHugger is trying to track down designers across North-America who are working on innovative eco inventions or designs. We are looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • Transportation

  • Furniture

  • Housing

  • Apparel

  • Lighting

  • Packaging

  • Appliances

  • Table top

  • Food culture

  • Toys

  • Pet care

  • Office supplies

  • Health care

  • Personal care

All entries could be fodder for a half-hour television series. In other words, there is a possibility for you to score development funds and ultimately pitch your design to an established end user! Sound like you or someone you know? If so, please send a short, descriptive email to jessica at treehugger dot com ASAP. This should be followed by a short video clip (any format). In the video, please introduce yourself, your idea, and the environmental impact your design/invention could have on the world in which we love and live in. [Written by Jessica Root]