Live from Pop!Tech: John Shearer -- Powercast Sends Power Through Air


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Holy Jetsons! Powercast is developing technologies that send power through the air. That's right; they call it Powercast Wireless Power Platform, and it can recharge batteries using the existing radio frequencies already in the air.

As John noted, in the US alone, more than 350 million rechargeable batteries are purchased annually to power wireless sensors, cell phones, computer peripherals and other devices. Continuous recharging of batteries via the Powercast Wireless Power Platform has the potential to reduce the huge waste stream of batteries to a mere trickle. And early tests suggest it really works. More below the fold...John noted that we've done similar things as long as 100 years ago.


Powercast is going to be this big...just kidding.

He suggested it'll take 10, 20, 30 years or so before we will be able to harvest radio frequency in really meaningful ways, but at this point here's how it works: a "Powercaster" plugs in to your wall and sends out a radio frequency, ready to be harvested; the radio waves bounce around the room, changing frequency as they hit walls and objects and tiny receivers implanted in your devices "hear" the frequencies, capturing up to 70 percent of the available energy.

Is this dangerous? John noted that the waves were similar to a cellphone next to your ear.

One of the demo projects was for a penguin exhibit. The temperature sensors in the exhibit had to use batteries and due to the cold would need to be replaced often. This was a hassle and expensive. Powercast was able to charge these batteries via the air and as such avoid this problem. Check out more at their site. ::Powercast and ::Pop!Tech