Lighter Footstep Hosts Carnival of the Green

carnival of the green logo image

This week marks Carnival of the Green #207, and it's being hosted by Chris Baskind at Lighter Footstep, an eco-blog that focuses on living greener without breaking the bank. Chris also belives that big changes happen one step at a time and assists readers along their journey towards living an Earth-friendly lifestyle.

So head on over to this week's Carnival which includes a round up of green news and events from the past week and your best green tweets, submitted by other bloggers and green sites. This week, check out quick tips to save money this holiday season, "Nopenhagen," and green investing - enjoy!
We are now accepting host requests for 2010! Read on to find out how to host.PLEASE NOTE: The Carnival of the Green books far in advance and because many blogs come and go, please note that your blog MUST show an interest in the green community, in addition to being "live" for an extended period of time. We will review all requests and notify you if the date is available.

To learn more about Carnival of the Green, where it will be and how to host, please visit our Carnival of the Green page.

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