Lighter Footstep Hosts Carnival of the Green

carnival of the green logo image

This week is Carnival of the Green #166 is being hosted by our friend Chris Baskind and his blog, Lighter Footstep. Lighter Footstep believes that big changes happen a step at a time and provides tips on making the most of your weekly budget.

So head on over to this week's Carnival to find a round up of green news and events from the past week, submitted by other bloggers and green sites. And don't forget to follow Lighter Footstep on Twitter: @LighterFootstep.To learn more about Carnival of the Green, where it will be and how to host, please click here to link to our previous post.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the Carnival of the Green books so far in advance (thanks to all of you!), we are currently not accepting hosting requests. Please stay tuned - we'll open 2010 soon!