Introducing TreeHugger's First Annual Best of Green Awards

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After four-plus years of exploring, critiquing, and lauding the modern world of green, we at TreeHugger thought it was high time we gave props to the people, organizations, products and ideas that give us something to write about everyday, and Earth Month seemed the appropriate time to do it. So we put our heads together and nominated, debated, and, finally, selected what we believe to be the best-of-the-best when it comes to today's environmentalism. And so we present our First Annual Best of Green "It's About Time" Awards.

Please click through to learn more about how we made our selections, and how you can participate, too.

With a group of roughly 50 writers from 5 continents, decision by committee is both exhilarating and tricky: The brainpower that comes from our collective hive mind is massive--something that I believe has always been a major element of TreeHugger's success. As you can imagine, however, we don't always agree--and that's part of the fun. So the winners in our Best Green Awards--which we'll be rolling out over the next three days, beginning today with Travel + Nature, Science + Technology, and Culture + Celebrity--are a reflection of many hours of discussion not just about who should win, but also about where we are as a global society and as a movement in regards to sustainability. We also know we can't do this alone: Without the thousands of other green blogs, websites, and social-media users that we view as essential to both our own growth as well as the growth of the green movement in general, TreeHugger would still be a fringe, niche blog. So to all the sites that have linked to us and the people who have debated with and inspired us, we salute you with big ol' high-five for being part of the "co-opititon"--that is, the idea that we're all in this together, and we need each other to both get better at what we do and achieve our longstanding mission of bringing sustainability mainstream.

That said, we know you won't agree with all of our picks. So we look forward to your feedback, which we encourage you to leave in our Best of Green Forums. You can also have your say by participating in our View and Vote Slideshows at Planet Green, where you can rank our picks to help choose the top winner in each category overall. Polls will be open through April 22, and once the Readers' Choice picks are in for the highest-rated organization, person, product, or idea in each category, we'll put these to another vote, leaving the blogosphere with your pick for "best in show" of Best of Green.

Thank you for reading, and most of all, thank you for participating!

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