Introducing BookHugger, The Green Book Club Powered by Island Press and TreeHugger

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Fans of TreeHugger's weekly book reviews know there are dozens of great books about the environment and that new titles are published all the time. Reviews help narrow down the field and add some depth to the conversation, but there's nothing like hashing ideas out with other readers or the book's author.

That's why TreeHugger has decided to partner with Island Press, a respected publisher of environmental books for 27 years. Each month, readers have the opportunity to buy the featured book at a substantial discount. Over the course of the month, members can come back to TreeHugger for reviews, interviews, and even a live chat with the author.

To start things off, BookHugger will be featuring Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change, by Peter Calthorpe.In Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change, Calthorpe argues that by better understanding urbanism at a regional scale, cities could provide a powerful platform for addressing climate change. More than just a checklist, Calthorpe's book—illustrated with four-color graphics—provides case studies and scenarios to create a roadmap for moving forward.

In a few weeks, Peter Calthorpe will join readers for a live discussion of the book, hosted on TreeHugger.

To get the book at a 30% discount, visit Island Press via this link and use the coupon code 2HUG.

Then, read a review of Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change and a short interview with Peter Calthorpe, before joining him for a live chat on March 16 at 3pm EST.

Future BookHugger titles will feature the latest releases from Island Press as well as highlight their catalog spanning 27 years of the best ideas the environmental community has to offer.

Find more great environmental book suggestions in TreeHugger's book reviews.

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