Inhabitat Announces Winners of the Philips Bright Ideas Lighting Contest

Inhabitat Philips Bright Ideas Contest

If you've been browsing Inhabitat for the latest in green design, you've probably seen the heated battle taking place to crown a winner in the Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition to find the best and brightest new eco lamp design. Well, the judges (and readers) have voiced their choice and the results are in! And the grand prize winner is...

See the winner and photos of his work below!Edward Chew's Tetra Pak lamp! Believe it or not, Edward made this intricate geometric light fixture by cutting up and folding hundreds of pieces of material from everyday beverage tetrapaks. The judges were blown away by the Tetra Pak Lamp's clever recycled design, undeniable beauty and the sheer amount of work that went into it.


Photo credit: Edward Chew/Inhabitat

Photo credit: Edward Chew/Inhabitat

Photo credit: Edward Chew/Inhabitat

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—written by Yuka Yoneda
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