In Huffpo: What's in a Name, Designing to Last

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What Was the Name of that Green Organization Again?: There are so many great environmental organizations out there. But how many can you remember in a pinch? This is my plea for more memorable names. ::Graham Hill
The Split Personalities of Ford (USA vs. Europe) When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging, and Ford seems to be doing that by slashing SUV production and re-tooling some factories for small car production. But will it be fast enough? ::Michael Graham Richard

An Underrated Green Consideration: Longevity
It's a point worth pondering: if you can have something, which may not be made with recycled/recyclable materials or some other common green credential, but it lasts 60% longer, or twice as long, as a comparable, conventional gadget, or car, that's green, baby. ::Collin Dunn
Five Reasons Why Preserving Summer Fruits Like Grandma Is Green Food has become so cheap and time, well... it's being spent on other things. But it is so healthy? I say we need a revolution -- one where people spend less time at shopping malls, and more in the kitchen. ::Karin Kloosterman