In Huffpo: Greenwashers Beware; Don't Ignore Gore

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Greenwashers Beware: The Truth Will Come Out Should we trust all these green claims? Since the green movement has gained momentum, there has been a lot of talk about whether a company is greenwashing or whether carbon credits can be trusted. ::Graham Hill
My Challenge to America: Don't Ignore Gore's Speech It was a speech that should have inspired and excited Americans of all walks of life at least as much as, if not more than, President Kennedy's. Instead, Mr. Gore's idea has been met with a chorus of criticism, with the naysayers claiming that it would be too costly, too impractical, and too risky to attempt to meet such a goal. ::Andy Posner
How Obama Can Regain the Initiative on Energy the latest report from James Carville and Stan Greenberg, two campaign consultants, has revealed that Obama has been losing ground to McCain and that he has not effectively addressed the shift in public sentiment. ::Jeremy Jacquot
Six Tips to Green Your TV Here's a chance to make millions: Come up with a green TV. Frankly, there just isn't one yet. Even with huge technological "advances," this standard household item isn't getting greener. ::Mairi Beautyman
My Sinful Second Home Over at Grist, the Biodiversivist does a driveby shooting of a rather nice green second home. I am going to defend the sinful second home, and why I and my cabin are perhaps not as uncool and shallow as the Biodiversivist says we are. ::Lloyd Alter