In An Absolut World...Everything is Downloadable


Absolut is running an interesting campaign called "In an Absolut World" where artists, websites and anyone over 21 years old submit visions of a better world. They range from "there would be a weather remote" to "Undo" would work in real life. Thrillist is having a spam-writing contest, wishing that "in an absolut world, all your spam would be true."

TreeHugger was asked to participate and, of course, contribute a blog. We had some fun with a theme we have been following for a while on TreeHugger: downloadable designs.

In an Absolut world, we will download design on demand. It is like the music for our iPod; dematerialized bits and bytes put together again where we need it, without the waste of a physical intermediary.
We have gathered together many of the flatpack designs from TreeHugger and the designers have provided 1/6 scale PDFs that you can download and build your own models of their furniture. Watch for daily updates at ::In an Absolut world, everything is downloadable.

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