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To have all the newest TreeHugger articles or only those from the categories you like, such as Design & Architecture or Food & Health, we've provided RSS feeds to do just that.

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RSS is by far the easiest way to consume news and information online.We now offer segmented RSS Feeds, which means that you can subscribe to only the categories of TreeHugger you want, without having to sort through all the articles you don't want to see.

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What is RSS?

If you're unaware of what RSS is or why you should be using it, watch this short video from Common Craft answering both of those questions:

And if you have a slower internet connection or don't want to watch the video, you can learn more about RSS from

Key Points to Understanding and Using RSS.

1. It is all free!
2. It saves you time by bringing new articles TO YOU rather than you having to go out to various news sites or blogs and looking for new articles.
3. The stream of new articles from a particular site are called it's "RSS Feed".
4. To subscribe to the RSS Feed and read the articles, you need an RSS Reader or News Aggregator. (see our list of options below)
5. Once you choose the RSS Reader you want to use, set up a free account there and then click on the links above to subscribe to the RSS Feeds you wish to read.
6. To sign up for RSS Feeds from other sites, look for this image when online. Clicking it will give you options for more subscribing to their free RSS Feeds.

If you do not already use RSS, these are just some of the options available for the Reader/Aggregator.

Kinja shows you headlines from the sites you've subscribed to, but also much more: stats, traffic and one click access to many other web-tools.

We hope you now understand better the various ways of subscribing to TreeHugger. Thanks for reading and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

How To Subscribe to TreeHugger
Then click the link to subscribe to the TreeHugger email newsletter.