How to Make Treehugger Your Homepage

Making TH your homepage is simple and will allow you to easily access the latest Treehugger posts by just clicking your home icon! We've provided instructions below for anyone who needs assistance in setting this up. If anything is unclear, please email tech(at)treehugger(dot)com.

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Instructions on Making TH Your Homepage With Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Step 1

On the top of your browser window find the Tools menu. Click on it, and on the dropdown that appears, click on Internet Options.

Internet Explorer Step 2

Next, in the window that appears you have two options. 1) If you are currently on the homepage, you can click the Use Current button, and Internet Explorer will automatically take the page you are on and change your homepage to that page. Or, 2) if you want to make sure that TH is being made your homepage, type manually into the field and click Apply at the bottom of the window. Treehugger will now be your homepage!

Still need help? Email tech(at)treehugger(dot)com

Instructions on Making TH Your Homepage With FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape


In your browser locate the Tools menu at the top of your browser window. On the dropdown menu choose Options (the last item on the list).


Next, on the window that pops up, you can manually enter into the location field, or click the Use Current Page button. When finished, click OK and your homepage will now be!

Another option, which is slightly quicker, is to click on a link to treehugger (like here), but instead of letting go, hold down your left mouse button and drag that link up to the home icon on your browser's address bar. This will prompt your browser to ask if you would like Treehugger to be set as your homepage, and clicking Yes will complete the process!

** NOTE ** Due to the customization options available for Firefox and Mozilla steps may vary

Still need help? Email tech(at)treehugger(dot)com

Instructions on Making TH Your Homepage With Other Browsers

If your using a browser other than those listed above, here are some tips on how to make TH your homepage.

In almost every browser you will have a row of options (menus) at the top of your browser's window. Like listed above, the one you will need to find is normally titled Tools. An alternative may be Preferences.

Once you locate your menu that stores the tools for your browser, you will need to look for a choice called Options or Preferences. A window will than pop up, where you can change settings for your browser. In most cases the option to change what your homepage is one of the first options that appears on the screen. If it is not, click the other tab options in that window until you find the one you are looking for. Once located you can type in into the field. Than you will need to find the option that tells the browser to save your changes (normally a button that will say Save, Done, Apply, or Ok).

Still need help? Email tech(at)treehugger(dot)com