Help Wanted: Open Shutters Looking for Web Designer


[This is a guest post by Eugenie Dolberg. A bit different from what we usually cover, but very interesting. If you or someone you know can help them, please email Eugenie (contact info at the bottom of this post). Thank you.] In December 'Open Shutters' will train women from all over Iraq in photography and writing before they return home to shoot stories about the realities for civilian women today.

Their work will be published in a book, Open Shutters Iraq and we we hold exhibitions throughout the region. Their work will also be presented in simultaneous international outdoor publicity campaigns leading to an interactive website.

The website will be a online exhibition and platform for all the people participating, connected to and witnessing 'Open Shutters' to create a network for global multimedia dialogue and ongoing support for the participants.

We don't have a lot of money to make the website but it is a crucial part of the exposure of this project.

I would love to hear from any web designers who might be interested in creating this website.

Some participants from my previous project will also be working with me too help train the Iraqi women. To see a sample of their work you can take a look at this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Eugenie Dolberg, Artist Director and Program Facilitator

Contact: eugeniedolberg (at) gmail (dot) com


Photo Credit: First and second from top, Eugenie Dolberg. Last two by Sanaa Abdul Jabar.

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