Green Theatre: In Your Own Backyard


Hopefully, Tuesday's announcement of MSN and Treehugger's "Green Theatre" contest has got you thinking: what are you doing to reduce your carbon impact that would make a great (even prizewinning) video? You'll definitely want to start thinking: the entry deadline is June 23! After that, entries go to our star-studded panel of judges to decide which videos will earn their creators and a guest trips to one of the July 7 Live Earth concerts.

The question to which your video should respond is "What are you doing in your own backyard to help fight climate change?" We thought we'd take that question quite literally today, and point out some steps you can take in your backyard to lower your greenhouse gas emissions. Are these actions the stuff of great videography? You bet! Some of the things you may be doing:

  • Green Your Grilling: Summer's upon us in the Northern Hemisphere; for many, that means we're cooking in the back yard. Burning charcoal obviously creates emissions, so choose your fuel wisely. Don't stop there, though -- other elements of cooking and eating outside also have an impact.
  • Green Your Lawncare: Those of us with backyards are working to keep them presentable. Your choice of tools, grasses and plants, and lawn furniture can all make a difference.
  • Green Your Laundry: You'll be hanging out in the backyard; why not have your laundry join you? As Lloyd noted recently, "...clothes dried on lines last longer, smell better and save you a lot of money."
We're just scratching the surface here -- what else are you doing in your yard to lower your personal greenhouse gas emissions? Let us know... and, more importantly, get it on video. A 1-2 minute video on these activities could get you out of your backyard for a few days, and off to Live Earth.