Green Theatre: Here Come the Judges (Part 1)


Live Earth is just under a month away now, and the deadline for entering MSN and Treehugger's "Green Theatre" contest is even closer: June 23 is just twelve days from now! Hopefully, you've got an idea for a video and have started shooting. If not... what are you waiting for? While the concert in Great Britain is the only one currently sold out, that's sure to change quickly. And why buy tickets when you can win them...

When the entry period closes for the contest, you get the first crack at deciding which video submissions are prize-worthy. The ten videos with the most votes will then go to the panel of judges we've selected, and they will decide the winners. Among the people that will evaluate the top ten videos are:

DarylHannah1small.jpgActress and Environmental Advocate Daryl Hannah: Daryl has appeared in over 40 Hollywood films, including Splash, Wall Street and Kill Bill. She's equally well-known for her passionate advocacy for sustainability, and has won awards from the National Biodiesel Board, the Environmental Media Association, and the Water Quality Control Board, among others, for her efforts to raise awareness on environmental issues.Suzuki2small.jpgScientist, environmentalist and broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki: For over 30 years, David Suzuki has worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Company, on both radio and television, to explain the wonders of the natural world to viewers and listeners. The chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, he also spent 22 years as a professor of genetics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has won numerous awards for both his broadcast and research work, including an award from the United Nations for his eight-part series A Planet for the Taking, and the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship Award.

HunterLovins.JPGPresident and founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Inc. L. Hunter Lovins: An internationally-recognized expert in business and sustainable development, L. Hunter Lovins has consulted with businesses and government agencies around the world, including Royal Dutch Shell and the International Finance Corporation, and the governments of Jamaica, Australia and the United States. She has co-authored nine books, including 1999's Natural Capitalism, and was named Time magazine's Hero for the Planet in 2000. She currently serves as founding Professor of Business at the Presidio School of Management.

georgespyrossmall.jpgEnvironmental Media Maker George Spyros:The lead producer during the development of Treehugger TV, George's work has been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including PBS, ABC, NBC, TimeWarner, CourtTV and AOL. George continues to lead and develop Treehugger's digital video efforts.

We'll introduce all of our judges as we move through the contest's entry and judging phases, and are happy to have such a distinguished group evaluating Green Theatre entries.

Want to win their favor? Then get started on your video! They (and we) are looking forward to seeing what steps you're taking to lower your carbon footprint. Remember, if you're looking for inspiration, there's plenty available at the Convenient Truths site... and every day here at Treehugger.


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