Green Theatre: And the Winners Are...


This Saturday, the world will be watching the Live Earth concerts. Many of us will watch the event on television, but five entrants in MSN and Treehugger's "Green Theatre" contest will be watching a live show. Our panel of judges have cast their votes, and we're pleased to announce the five winners of tickets, travel, accommodations and spending money for Live Earth.

The envelope, please...

Video: Reel Mowers Cut Down Pollution

Colin M's "Reel Mowers Cut Down Pollution" was the judges' overall favorite. Colin's eight-year-old son Garrick explains why reel lawn mowers are the climate-friendly choice for cutting the grass.

Video: How I Save the World

The next winner, Inna P., demonstrates how she "saves the world" by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Video: Low Impact

Eileen P.'s "Low Impact" focuses on how she's lowering her climate impact in the bathroom.

Video: Greener Mornings

Eileen isn't the only videographer focused on the bathroom. Michael Q's "Green Mornings" shows how he lowers his impact when shaving.

Video: Why I help the environment

While the other winners focused on how they're helping to save the earth, Marianne S. shares her thoughts on why she's taking steps to lower her climate impact in "Why I Help the Environment."

Congratulations to all of our winners, and many thanks to everyone who submitted a video to the Green Theatre contest.