Green Halloween: Posts of Halloweens Past


Photo credit: januaryman

You can't keep a good post buried. Here are some Halloween posts we've summoned back from the Great Beyond, a.k.a. our archives. Click at your own peril!

1. Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat Chocolate
Global Exchange/Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates' fair-trade chox not only look delicious, but they are also a clever way to spread the word about fairly traded chocolate.

2. UnTreeHugger Food For Halloween
After a bit of research in the deepest web covered caves of the U.S. Federal Drug Agency, we've located a list of Halloween food ingredients sure to make us crave some organic food.3. Reclaimed Halloween Nesting Buckets
You get easy clean-up without sacrificing a toenail's worth of Halloween ambiance.

4. Instant Survey: Halloween
With Halloween quickly approaching, our minds are turning to the inevitable trick-or-treaters who will be knocking on our doors.

5. Instant Survey: Halloween Shadows
Halloween is a time to revel in our shadow side, the person, thing or idea that we simply can not express in the confines of our "real life."

6. Tree Huggin' Treats
Tree Huggin’ Treats are vegan, organic, wheat free and gluten-free.

7. TreeHuggerTV: Vampire Power
Drive a stake though the heart of Vampire Power this Halloween.

8. Q&A;: Halloween Candy
Any idea where a TreeHugger can get some reasonably priced, reasonably healthy Halloween fare?

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