Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day

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Not sure what to get mom this year? Or grandma or your expecting wife? If you're looking for a little something you can wrap up and hand her alongside that "I love you," a laid-back day spent together, and a delicious local and organic breakfast in bed, here are eight mom-approved options. Each was selected to help celebrate mom healthy planet-style, with gifts that tread lightly on the mother ship—planet earth.

Priti Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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If mom's the mani-pedi type, encourage her to treat her toes the non-toxic way, with a pretty polish or two from Priti ($16), New York's premiere organic spa. Unlike their conventional counterparts which contain carcinogenic formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene, Priti Polish is petroleum free, biodegradable and made from corn and soy. In fact, it's so safe to use that even Mama's-to-be can use it carefree. Choose the color that best suits her style: carnation, clear, iced ginger, petunia, tom thumb, or white ballet.

Anti-Body Bath Fizzers

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Pamper your queen bee to a bathtime that's not only unforgettable—but fair trade. These Anti-Body Free Range Bath Fizzers have us drowning in delight thanks to a paraben-free ingredients base of fair trade shea butter and uber-cute packaging which re-uses old egg cartons. But it's the anti-poverty philosophy behind Anti-Body which really has us reeling. The company employs once destitute and dependent women in developing countries and then pays them fair wages so they can support their families and live, independent, sustainable lives. By buying these bath products for mom, you're potentially helping other moms abroad! And at only $9.95 a pop you can afford throwing in a delicious bath and body oil or bar soap, too. Choose from lemongrass, lavender and petal flavors.

Elephant Poo Paper Roses

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We know, fresh flowers are classic and stand the test of time—and pale in comparison to the fake, faux-versions which conjure up images of plastic-covered furniture. But with the cut-flower industry an often harsh, grueling and under-paying reality for many (mostly Latin American women), it's not so sustainable to support. Instead, we prefer these way cool—and comical—Eli Poo Paper Roses($15 and up)—made from dried elephant dung. Mom will not only get the added benefits of wilt-free, immortal roses, she'll love having a conversation piece geared around a company that's contributing to the conservation efforts of endangered elephants—and not over-working fresh flower farm field laborers. Best of all? They're cute to boot—without that plastic, waxy look!

Snap Together Outdoor Greenhouse

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If your hot, green mama also has a talented green thumb, bowl her over with this Snap Together Greenhouse ($899). In one afternoon the 50 square feet of space can quickly be assembled, helping mom shift from part-time gardener to year-round veggie virtuoso. Maybe she'll share the bounty!

Tom's Shoes

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Re-ignite Ma's maternal instinct with a pair of hipster-approved Tom's Shoes ($44 and up). For every pair of shoes purchased, the socially responsible brand donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. They call it their 'One for One' campaign. Aside from the company's compassionate mission, the shoes are actually comfy and we love their simple, minimalist design. Choose a new Spring style that suits mom's personality: preppy types will adore the University Rope Style, free spirits the Tie Dye, worldly wanderers the Floral Batik and for the classic kinda lady, the Denim.

Figs & Ginger Nesting Necklace

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Whether mom has one chick-a-dee or four, she can proudly—and elegantly—wear her kinship on her collar bone thanks to this adorably chic Nesting Necklace from Figs & Ginger ($77). Little birds made out of 50 percent recycled silver perch on a branch—and each necklace is crafted by hand. One feature we especially love is that additional baby birds can be added, in case mom's nest starts to expand.

Vosges Haute Chocolat Organic Exotic Candy Bar Library

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For most taste buds, chocolate never goes out of style—especially when you can savor a chocolatiers sustainable savvy like that of Vosges Haute Chocolat. We're sure mom won't mind indulging when she finds out it's organic, was produced using 100 percent wind energy, and Rainforest Alliance certified. And best of all—it's heavenly! Vosges is known for pairing rich, exotic flavors together mastering the ultimate combination of sweet and salty. We suggest this Organic Exotic Candy Bar Library ($37) so mom can sample a few fabulous flavors like Dominica Noir, Dominica Lait, Enchanted Mushroom and their new Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar.

Etsy's Mama & Child Handmade Book

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Trust us—mom won't mind it when you get all sappy and gift her with a scrapbook filled with childhood memories, photographs and relics of happy days past. Make it a bit more memorable though by bypassing the pharmacy-brand virgin paper journals and finding one that's both eco-friendly and enchanting—like this handcrafted one from Sleeping Forest Studios ($175) on Etsy, made with sustainably harvested Spruce wood and acid-free paper. This is just one option of several though, we love the idea of supporting green artisans, and there are several on Etsy selling similar Mother's Day-inspired crafts. Click over to find one that'll make mom mushy.

For more luxurious, low-impact gift ideas for mom, check out Planet Green's Top Green Alternatives to Classic Mother's Day Gifts.

Looking for more DIY ideas for mom's special day? Check our cousin TLC's 10 Mother's Day Craft Ideas. Go moms!

Green Gift Guide for Mother's Day
Not sure what to get mom this year? Or grandma or your expecting wife? If you're looking for a little something you can wrap up and hand her alongside that "I love you," a laid-back day spent together, and a delicious local and organic breakfast in

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