Green Eyes On: Detoxing Our Homes


Last week and the Friday prior, I kicked off a radio tour to support the Detox Your Home feature currently running on I talked to millions of listeners and spoke with radio reporters, deejays, and show hosts across the country during the course of a couple days. I actually did one interview in an elevator shaft as I was trying to find my way to a magazine shoot location! (Check out the May issue of Natural Health magazine for a glimpse of where I was heading. Hint: It'll be the cover story!)There are two primary reasons for detoxifying your home, which is what I was speaking about. The first is to eliminate the sort of "chemical soup" environment that many people find themselves living in due to the many products and materials that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Second, it's about saving energy and money. For years, the "save energy=save money" point is the one people have latched on to. "When it hits your pocketbook, it hits home," people always say.

The hosts and reporters were all extremely receptive to the overall message, but I noticed an interesting perspective shift during this tour compared to others I've done. This time, people wanted to hear more about the chemicals and how our homes can become so unhealthy. They were concerned—and rightly so—about the environments they're living in and the polluted air they're breathing.

While the trend toward an interest in chemicals—rather than saving money—surprised me, I was not surprised that people are looking for practical information about creating healthier home environments. When my parents and many others were pioneering this movement toward natural foods and products, they were doing it to protect the Earth. But they were also—and maybe primarily—doing it to protect human health, to lead us toward healthier homes to live in and healthier foods to eat. This is indicative of an important truth in the big picture of the green movement: Individuals have an instinctive desire and drive for better health. While focusing on climate change and energy savings is incredibly important, our physical wellbeing is also a vital part of the sustainable equation, and one that is helping to motivate people to live greener lives.

Curious to learn how you can make your own home more eco-friendly and healthy? Check out Detox Your Home, where Sara Snow and take you on a room-by-room tour to green your whole house.

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