Green Depot eco-friendly living & building store in Manhattan

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Last week we visited the Green Depot store in Manhattan, and wished it was around when we did home renovations. Here you can find everything, from building to everyday green home products, you are spoiled for choice and find friendly staff to help you make the right ones. We love the "green detergent station," which is a bar where you have cleaning products on tap. Just bring you empty bottles and fill them up. The "light bulb box" is also a nice feature where you can see different LED and CFL bulbs and compare them to each other by switching them on and off. Green Depot is a Brooklyn-based, national supplier of eco-friendly building and living solutions, which has opened its flagship retail store on the Bowery in Manhattan, opposite the New Museum. 3,500-square-foot provide everything you can dream off: cleaning and recycling products such as urban compost tools, zero-VOC paints, lighting and gadgets such as solar chargers, plenty of baby stuff, flooring and tiling, books and lovely reclaimed wine glasses to just name a few things.

It is nice to be able to shop at a place you can trust. Green Depot has their own Green Filter that helps them select "high-performance products that are truly green and not just greenwashed." They also use an Icon System to differentiate between the various types of green, such as air quality, conservation, local, energy and responsibility.

According to the NY Daily News, the store on the Bowery "is a renovation of the 1885 Young Men's Institute, the home of the first YMCA in New York City, the studios of renowned artists Mark Rothko and Fernand Léger, and author William Burroughs."

The Post goes on to explain that:

The building is a defining model for green business and includes:

• A rejuvenated site in the ground floor of a landmark Bowery building.
• Recycled building elements and exposed surfaces from the original historic building, such as glazed ceramic tile on the walls, maple "gymnasium" flooring and iron structural elements at the storefront.
• Exposed original tile that outlines the location of the YMCA's original swimming pool, added in 1915.
• Original wood trim and restored brick that survived a fire.

Green Depot has more retail locations in Brooklyn, Newark, Long Island, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago, and you can also shop online. ::Green Depot

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