Get the New Voltaic Solar Laptop Bag at 15% Off!

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Image courtesy Voltaic Systems.

Would you love to have a solar-powered laptop bag that really works? Here's your chance to get the hottest, most-effective bag on the market (it literally just hit the shelves) at a sweet deal. The new-and-improved Generator by Voltaic Systems uses bleeding-edge technology to charge your computer faster than any other bag out there. With a battery that juices up in as few as five hours, this is by far the most advanced solar-powered laptop bag available.

Read on for more details about how you can get this bag for less through TH Deals.

Normally priced at $499, Voltaic is offering 15 percent off for TreeHugger readers through this Friday, December 12. To receive the discount, visit Voltaic Systems and enter the coupon code: treedeal.

Get 'em while their hot (and discounted)! For more information, read our recent post about the new solar-powered Generator laptop bag.

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